Agxivatein (independent research organization and label dedicated to exploratory music, arts and culture.)

Another Timbre (label run by Simon Reynell.)

Antibody Corporation (mission based organization specializing in mind-body integration.)


caduc. (label run by Mathieu Ruhlmann)

Category of manifestation: (something that means to fill others’ empty submission information criteria. It creates physical KIND_s, the contents of which comply with Schedules for World Formation (to instantiate the Desired World Box). But Category of manifestation: is not about the future!)

Close/Far (label run by N.N.N. Cook.)

Consumer Waste (low-impact imprint for the publication of contemporary experimental music. Jointly run by Stephen Cornford and Samuel Rodgers.)

Coppice (nexus; bellows & electronics)

Crippled Intellect Productions (Chicago-based experimental music label that presents engaging work by new artists as well as reintroduce critical, out of print recordings.)


Dorothée Smith (photographer and visual artist living and working in Paris.)



Holly Murkerson (Chicago-based visual artist)


Jason Soliday (Chicago-based noise artist.)

Jason Zeh (multi-media artist with roots in the Midwest noise and experimental music scene.)

Jeb Bishop (trombonist, improviser, and composer.)

Jeff Gburek (electronic composer, guitarist, field recordist, space-looper, sound-artist, interstitial radio-wave pollen-accumulator, improvising musician, poet, & traveler.)

Joseph Clayton Mills (visual and sound artist.)

Julia Miller (composer, curator, educator, electronic musician, guitarist, and poet)

Julie Mayo (choreographer, director, performer, and teacher whose works most often stem from an emergent premise approach to making and allow for a kind of illogical logic to reign, creating a leaky container for the comedy, pathos, beauty, and absurdity intrinsic to this sensibility.)


Katherine Young (composer and bassoonist that uses curious timbres, expressive noises, and kinetic structures to explore the dramatic materiality of sound.)


Quakebasket Records (label run by percussionist Tim Barnes.)


Nick Hennies (percussionist and composer primarily concerned with an immersive, psychoacoustic presentation of sound brought about by an often grueling, endurance-based performance practice.)

Notice Recordings (cassette label of Evan Lindorff-Ellery and Travis Bird.)


Partial (collaborative project of Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Clayton Mills.)

The Paver (a band of carefully articulated study in aggression and consonance.)

Pilgrim Talk (label run by Nick Hoffman.)


Radius (experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago.)


Senufo Editions (label run by Giuseppe Ielasi.)

Somnimage (label run by Mykel Boyd.)

Stasisfield (label run by John Kannenberg, tending to focus on instrumental experimental music that is minimal in nature, although we try not to impose limits based on genre.)

Suppedaneum (label presenting limited-edition sound works revolving around issues of composition, notation, and interpretation.)


Triple Bath (label based in Athens, founded by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos.)