Coppice First Emblems (Seals)

In Memory of Whisper Room (2017), shruti box, LED lamp

Tension Artifact (2013) from Vinculum (Passes) (2012), twine, metal ring

left: Capsule for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), plastic, red paper
right: Droopy (2013), corrugated gooseneck, corrugated plastic, electrical tape

left: Forced Constellation 1 for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), plastic, two accordion bellows
middle: Forced Constellation 2 for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), free reeds (pair)
right: Forced Constellation 3 for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), glass funnel (doubled)

Prepared Compound for Compound Form (2013), duct tape, free reeds, red paint

top: Outgrown for Cores/Eruct (2015), metal funnel, basket
bottom: Ingrown for Cores/Eruct (2015), metal funnel

Interior for Cores/Eruct (2015), homemade goo, foil

left: Smolder for Vantage/Cordoned (2014), foam, light
right: Coiled Line for Vantage/Cordoned (2014), foam, duct tape, free reeds

untitled drawing for Soft Crown Transparencies (2014)

Red Scroll (2015), paper scroll, red paint

untitled for Vantage/Cordoned (2014), metal plate from Multi-Material Filter

top: Excision (front) for Big Wad Excisions (2013), board
bottom: Excision (flipside) for Big Wad Excisions (2013), metal discs

untitled drawing for Big Wad Excisions (2013)

Seal/Conceal for Bypass Ideal (2015), board, duct tape, copper mesh, clear tape

three above: still images from Bypass Projection (2014), board, funnel

three above: still images from Matches videos (2015), with Josh Oberman and Jason Soliday

Edges Holding (Off White) for Whiting Belt (2014), glass jar, brass tube

four above: still images from Circumpass (2014)

Landing for Circumpass (2014), carbon transfer on paper, cork, red paint