In Memory of Whisper Room (2017), shruti box, LED lamp

Tension Artifact (2013) from Vinculum (Passes) (2012), twine, metal ring

left: Capsule for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), plastic, red paper
right: Droopy (2013), corrugated gooseneck, corrugated plastic, electrical tape

left: Forced Constellation 1 for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), plastic, two accordion bellows
middle: Forced Constellation 2 for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), free reeds (pair)
right: Forced Constellation 3 for Vinculum (Coincidence) (2015), glass funnel (doubled)

Prepared Compound for Compound Form (2013), duct tape, free reeds, red paint

top: Outgrown for Cores/Eruct (2015), metal funnel, basket
bottom: Ingrown for Cores/Eruct (2015), metal funnel

Interior for Cores/Eruct (2015), homemade goo, foil

left: Smolder for Vantage/Cordoned (2014), foam, light
right: Coiled Line for Vantage/Cordoned (2014), foam, duct tape, free reeds

Red Scroll (2015), paper scroll, red paint

untitled for Vantage/Cordoned (2014), metal plate from Multi-Material Filter

top: Excision (front) for Big Wad Excisions (2013), board
bottom: Excision (flipside) for Big Wad Excisions (2013), metal discs

Seal/Conceal for Bypass Ideal (2015), board, duct tape, copper mesh, clear tape

three above: still images from Bypass Projection (2014), board, funnel

Still images from Matches videos (2015), with Josh Oberman and Jason Soliday

Edges Holding (Off White) for Whiting Belt (2014), glass jar, brass tube

four above: still images from Circumpass (2014)

Landing for Circumpass (2014), carbon transfer on paper, cork, red paint